We thrive on being the most cost-effective company in our industry!

Record Cleaning

We charge €5 to clean a single vinyl LP; Double LPs €7.00; we offer batch discounts (10%) for quantities of 5 or more LPs (Double LPs counted as 2 LPs). For a new polylined inner sleeve (frosted variety) in either black or white add 35c per sleeve.

Record Flattening

€15 per LP, if corrected with 1 cycle; if multiple cycles are required we charge €20 per LP. Older Vinyl LPs that have been warped for a long time are more difficult to correct than new LPs generally. These LPs will take multiple cycles, spaced apart, in order to restore a satisfactory level of flatness. An LP record that has been warped for say 10, 20 or 30 years will not be restored to flat with one cycle on the Disc Flattener Machines, in our experience, although every case is different. We will tell you if your LP needs multiple cycles to restore it to flatness, before doing so.


We will arrange to have your precious vinyl records collected from your home and re-delivered to you within the general Cork area for a small additional charge; Depending on quantities we may be able to offer this service outside of the Cork Area subject to an additional charge for collection and delivery. Please contact us for a quote today!   We transport your records in dedicated record holders to ensure safety in transit by our staff who are also dedicated vinyl enthusiasts, just like you.

International Customers

We will arrange to receive your vinyl records via the postal service and return them by the same service at your cost.